Awir Leon Shares New Album – Love You Drink Water

Awir Leon Shares New Album – Love You Drink Water: French musician Awir Leon has released his latest album, Love You, Drink Water, which showcases his unique sound that blends elements of electronica, alternative hip hop, and indie music. The album features 12 tracks that range from tender and personal to euphoric and synth-heavy. Awir Leon’s striking and impactful identity as an artist shines through on the album, which has drawn comparisons to the likes of James Blake, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul, and Thom Yorke.

Love You, Drink Water is Awir Leon’s third studio LP and is grounded in personal chaos, as the artist explains. The album’s title came from a conversation with his 3-year-old niece, who told him to “Love You, Drink Water,” which he felt was the most caring thing anyone had ever said to him. The album represents a moment in his life where he acted impulsively and outside of social norms in order to find his feet.

Musically and lyrically, Love You, Drink Water is Awir Leon’s most direct album to date. He peels back the layers and looks at himself with no decoration, armor, or excuses. The lead single, “Neelam Stone,” is a nocturnal anthem to the hard workers and a warning to do things the right way.

Awir Leon’s artistic identity extends beyond music, as he has spent a decade touring with several international dance companies before focusing more on music. His latest album has already gained over one million streams on Spotify alone and has been praised by publications such as NOWNESS, Notion, Wonderland, and The House Magazine.

Love You, Drink Water is a complex and emotionally raw album that showcases Awir Leon’s musical maturity and cements his place as a rising star to watch in the alternative music scene.

Awir Leon Shares New Album - Love You Drink Water

Awir Leon Shares New Album – Love You Drink Water

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