A Review Of STYLERVIP’s Album “Naija Boy From London”

Naija Boy From London album showcases STYLERVIP’s versatility as a rapper and singer. The eleven tracks album features a mix of Afrobeat and hip-hop influences. The album’s opener, “London Si Naija,” sets the tone for what’s to come, with STYLERVIP delivering confident and assertive bars over a bouncy afrobeat instrumental. Tracks like: “Omo Chinko,” “Mofe Doyin Ma,” and “Sankofa” continue the upbeat and catchy hooks and infectious rhythms. “London Si Naija” is a standout track, featuring a catchy groovy Afrobeats rhythm.

The album has a lot of interesting meanings in the songs and is a street album that talks about cars, drugs, and money. Stylervip Briefing mentions his mother in one of his songs. He opens up his listeners to the lifestyle he lives and also lived as a child. 

The standout tracks on the album include “Otedola,” “Nigerian Hip-Hop,” and “On Shele Live.” “Otedola” is a track that features STYLERVIP’s signature flow and infectious hooks. The track “Otedola” is dedicated to Billionaire Nigerian businessman and philanthropist Femi Otedola as STYLERVIP acknowledges Otedola’s wealth and his wish to be wealthy like him too.”Omo Chinko” is a more introspective track that showcases the artist’s vocal range, while “Lepa Ati Si Sora” is a groovy aid-back jam that highlights STYLERVIP’s effortless delivery.

A lot of the titles of his songs make a person question the state of mind that STYLERVIP was in when writing this album. For example, the song, “Disown Me” is very derogatory and features a lot of vibrant sayings about women. Someone might want to zero in on this title of the song. Why did Stylervip decide to put a song with this title? He could be following the style of the streets or trying to set his own style. The beat of the song is fast with a lot of slight yelling in it. His mood could have been angry and this is a good song to listen to if you need to get out your anger or frustration.

Overall, the language barrier still remains one of the problems with this album because the majority of the tracks on the album were sung in Nigerian Yoruba dialect which most people aren’t conversant with. The album is a testament to his Nigerian roots and his experiences growing up in London and is sure to appeal to fans of afrobeat and hip-hop alike. The album is a must-listen for fans of Afrobeats, hip-hop, and dancehall music, and is sure to keep listeners grooving from start to finish.

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