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 Jossy O releases Her Sunny EP ‘Love Don’t Hate’

Jossy O releases Her Sunny EP ‘Love Don’t Hate’: ‘Jossy O’s ‘Love Don’t Hate‘ Remix EP, serving up fun four-to-the-floor beats, EDM synths, and memorable chants, is here just in time for summer!’ Initially, a slow soulful song, Jossy O wrote the track about her experience with bullying as a child, and directs it towards the war and violence going on in the world: “We were made to love, Don’t you notice? The sun is shining, The whole world should be smiling, Lack of love, many hearts are paralyzed, Come on look at the beauty of the skies”. Now a fully-fledged series of House tracks remixed by The SloaneRanger, ‘LoveDon’tHate‘ fits every occasion this summer! 

Jossy O is a charismatic gospel singer and songwriter hailing from Nigeria, who journeyed to England to pursue her studies and now calls London her home. With a strong foundation in Christianity, Jossy O is on a mission to spread the message of peace and love through her discography. 

 Jossy O releases Her Sunny EP 'Love Don't Hate'

Her musical journey began with the formation of the band Love Enforcer, comprising Jossy O and two talented bandmates. Together, they mesmerized audiences with their captivating performances, delivering pop and commercial hits that resonated with listeners. However, after the band’s eventual breakup, Jossy O decided to embark on her solo career, allowing her to showcase her unique artistry and deeply rooted musical influences. As Jossy O continues to evolve as an artist, she is exploring new musical territories that embrace her gospel roots. Her commitment to spreading messages of love and peace remains at the core of her artistic expression, driving her to create music that resonates deeply with audiences

 Jossy O releases Her Sunny EP ‘Love Don’t Hate’

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