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John Noble Barrack Releases Soul Bearing New Single – The Wake

John Noble Barrack Releases Soul Bearing New Single – The Wake: Artist, actor, and advocate John Noble Barrack releases new single “The Wake.” John Noble Barrack continues his character study on loss with his third studio single The Wake.

The scarce production lends itself beautifully to the lyrics of the song. His use of space and timing in this song perfectly pairs with the feeling of healing that is happening in this song. Barrack finds himself feeling juvenile again with the same pain that comes with every heartbreak.

He is living in the moment of waking up and realizing he is without his loved one for the first time. We’ve all had that moment of total understanding that you are holding onto a dream and clinging to what is already gone. There are times when it is necessary to live in that pain in order to get through it and that is precisely what John Noble Barrack is doing with this song.

John Noble Barrack states, “This is for my dad who passed away from a 4 year battle with Sarcoma cancer. How can you move on when the one who’s gone is everywhere around you? Inspired by the sounds of Brandi Carlile and The Ballroom Thieves.

John Noble Barrack Releases Soul Bearing New Single – The Wake

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