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Drake Announces Debut Book of Poetry “Titles Ruin Everything”

Drake Announces Debut Book of Poetry, “Titles Ruin Everything”: Toronto-bred rapper and multi-talented artist Aubrey Graham, widely known as Drake, surprised fans on Friday with the announcement of his first book of poetry, titled “Titles Ruin Everything.” The book, which is co-authored by Kenza Samir, is a venture into the world of written words for the acclaimed emcee, who has primarily garnered attention for his lyrical prowess in the realm of music.

Drake, the head honcho of OVO (October’s Very Own) label and a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, shared the news on his Instagram account on June 23. Expressing his excitement and anticipation, he wrote, “I don’t know if I have ever wanted people to buy or support something more in my life… our first book is available tomorrow on Drake Related and other select retailers.”

Drake Announces Debut Book of Poetry "Titles Ruin Everything"

The announcement of “Titles Ruin Everything” comes hot on the heels of Drake’s recent musical collaborations. Fans were treated to not one, but two new verses from the chart-topping artist on Young Thug’s latest album. Drake’s featured verse on the track “Parade on Cleveland” quickly propelled the song to the top spot on Apple Music upon its release. The single showcases a candid phone conversation between Drake and the incarcerated lyricist, and their chemistry is evident as they effortlessly trade verses.

In addition, Drake made an appearance on the Metro Boomin-produced hit single, “Oh U Went.” The energetic track boasts flashy bars from the “Relationship” rapper before Drake delivers a scathing verse of his own. With confident lines like, “I thank God for that flight straight from the nine side going southbound. They say life is about balance, and the balance is in my account now,” Drake’s lyrical prowess shines through once again.

With his foray into the world of literature, Drake continues to push boundaries and explore different artistic mediums. “Titles Ruin Everything” promises to be a captivating stream-of-consciousness piece, offering fans a deeper glimpse into the mind of the celebrated artist.

Fans can expect to find “Titles Ruin Everything” available for purchase on Drake Related and select retailers. As Drake ventures into the realm of poetry, his loyal supporters eagerly anticipate this new chapter in his artistic journey. Stay tuned for more updates on Drake’s creative endeavors and future releases.

Fans can secure Drake’s new poetry book via drakerelated.com.

Drake Announces Debut Book of Poetry, “Titles Ruin Everything”
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