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Columbia Records Artist Tanner Adell Unveils Empowering Mixtape ‘Buckle Bunny’

Columbia Records’ rising Country sensation, Tanner Adell, is making waves with the groundbreaking debut of her Country mixtape, ‘Buckle Bunny,’ released on July 21st. Setting a historic milestone as the first-ever major label debut mixtape in the genre, ‘Buckle Bunny’ consists of eight empowering tracks, showcasing Adell’s unique blend of Country roots, pop-infused vocals, and hip-hop beats. As a co-writer on each carefully curated song, Adell fearlessly shares her personal journey as a biracial woman, embracing her truest self and authentically blending her Wyoming and California heritage.

The mixtape is a remarkable collection of female-empowerment anthems, where Adell unapologetically takes the reins and redefines the boundaries of Country music. The title track, “Buckle Bunny,” immediately captures attention by skillfully intertwining rodeo imagery with rhinestones, while subverting stereotypes and turning them on their head. Adell transforms the historically derogatory term “Buckle Bunny” into an anti-shaming, shimmering summer anthem that celebrates individuality and empowerment. When the single was teased in late 2022, Adell’s devoted fan base quickly rallied behind the viral track tease, generating a frenzied demand for the song. This enthusiastic response is a testament to Adell’s undeniable talent and the magnetic charm of her music.

The mixtape also features standout tracks like the breakout hit, “Love You A Little Bit,” along with subsequent fan favorites such as “Throw it Back,” “FU-150,” and “I Hate Texas.” With each release, Adell’s vocal prowess and versatility shine, exemplifying the new wave of artists who effortlessly transcend traditional genre boundaries.

Throughout the summer, Adell has been busy making her mark on various stages, including appearances at CMA Fest, Spotify House, and Windy City Smokeout. As she continues to captivate audiences in Music City and beyond, this is only the beginning for the innovative singer-songwriter.

Fans and followers can keep up with Tanner Adell’s journey by connecting with her on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, where she shares glimpses of her creative process and connects with her dedicated community of supporters. As Adell’s star continues to rise, the future looks bright for this trailblazing artist who is reshaping the landscape of Country music with her fearless spirit and genre-defying sound.

1.    Buckle Bunny – (Tanner Adell, Jesse Thomas, Cameron Bartolini, Louis Bartolini, leelee, Sean     Anthony)
2.    Bake It – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Gabe Foust, Levon Gray)
3.    FU-150 – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Derrick Southerland)
4.    Strawberry Crush – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline, Sam Ashworth)
5.    See You In Church – (Tanner Adell, Patrick Mencel)
6.    Throw It Back – (Tanner Adell, Dan Pellarin)
7.    Trailer Park Barbie – (Tanner Adell, Gabe Foust, Sarah Jones)
8.    I Hate Texas – (Tanner Adell, Evan Cline)

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