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Clara  Bond Releases ‘Misbehaving’ Official Music Video

Clara Bond shines in a whole new light with her stunning new music video for ‘Misbehaving’. The UK based singer, songwriter and performer has enjoyed a wave of discovery in her music in recent months as she embraces a move away from her country roots to an indie-pop sound. A sound that has been fully utilised in her recent impressive EP ‘Backtalker’. 

In ‘Misbehaving’ we hear Clara’s ability to blend pop sensibilities with fresh production and introspective lyrical ideas. The track opens up with a crescendo of sweeping electronics backed by the addition of a delicate beat which makes listeners hold on to every movement. The music allows Clara’s alluring vocal delivery to take centre stage where she moves listeners through the emotion portrayed in her lyrics. 

“Misbehaving” was the first song I wrote after 3 months of writer’s block over lockdown. I, like so many other people, learnt a lot about mental health and my own limitations over this time of (literal) isolation. I always felt like I had to put on a brave face because I was under this impression that it’s what strong people do. But this song is me giving myself permission to not always have everything together, and that’s absolutely ok”, explains Clara.

Clara goes on further to discuss the music video for ‘Misbehaving’, 

“When I was writing Misbehaving, I always had this image of water in my head. So, coming up with a concept for the music video felt really natural. I wanted the video to have this feeling of ‘cleansing’, but I also wanted it to mesh with our other vision for the video: the gradual descent into madness. “


The release of her new music video follows on from 2021 when she kicked off a new era of her music with the release of her singles ‘Backtalker,’ ‘You’ and ‘Wish You Were Her’. Bond has returned to the live circuit with widely praised performances at Shebfest and Altitude Fest that complement previous support slots for the likes of Joey Landreth, Lindsay Ell, Wildwood Kin and her own headline show at The Courtyard in London.

Armed with the new video release of ‘Misbehaving’ and a new EP which explores an exciting journey for Clara Bond, she is ready to take on 2022 and start the year off in the best way possible. 

Clara Bond – Misbehaving
Clara  Bond Releases ‘Misbehaving’ Official Music Video

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