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Chung Ha Releases Album Querencia

K-pop global phenom CHUNG HA is thrilled to announce her first studio album, entitled Querencia, is now out everywhere via MNH Entertainment, distributed by 88rising Records/12Tone Music.Querencia is an entire world of musical influences – effortlessly fusing pop powerhouse vocals with elements of house music, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, grime, and more in 21 incredible songs. Named for the Spanish word that means “a place where one finds peace of mind”, Querencia also has the first Latin/K-Pop collaboration by a female K-Pop solo artist – a brilliant song called “Demente,” featuring Guaynaa that underscores CHUNG HA’s truly global reach. 

“Querencia” is divided into four chapters based on the themes of Noble, Savage, Unknown, and Pleasures. The contrasting sonics of each section shows all of the facets of CHUNG HA’s artistry and scope, while retaining the most important throughline — her incredible voice. Says CHUNG HA about her solo debut, “‘Querencia’ is about what makes me myself, what I rely on, the dialogue with my inner me that I was unaware of, the little moments of joy and sympathy I have for myself, the place where I feel comfortable, and everything that makes me feel warm. To me, this album itself is “Querencia”. To others, it could be lying on their bed or chatting with their friends. I think “Querencia” is something that’s indefinable.”

Today also sees the release of the video for the album’s anthemic first song “Bicycle.” Directed by Yoo Jae Hyeong, and sung in Korean, English, and Spanish, the clip is a holographic hallucination of everything that makes CHUNG HA so uniquely HER. Inspired by the story ‘Wicked” by Winne Holzman, the music video shows CHUNG HA as someone who goes against the rules and defies gravity in order to establish her own colors. “Bicycle” is a fully formed, transformative pop song exemplifying the powerhouse CHUNG HA already is.  

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