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Cardi B Previews New Music

Cardi B Previews New Music : Cardi B is giving fans an early Christmas gift. The rapper’s new album is not due until next year, but she took to Twitter to share a snippet of new music after being pressured by fans.

Cardi takes aim at her haters with the lyrics. “They be watching every time that I post / Posted nothing, always gotta do the most / Bitches sound like you broke,” she raps on the brief clip.

But the unreleased track is unlikely to appear on her upcoming sophomore album. “I just don’t love it,” she responded when asked why the song was scrapped.


Cardi announced that the follow-up to 2018’s Invasion of Privacy would arrive sometime in 2023. “I have no choice. I have to put it out,” she told “The Breakfast Club.” “I have like a couple of songs that are definites. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I need to just make up my mind and just put it out.”

It’s been over four years since Cardi released her debut, admitting that her anxiety has contributed to the delay. “I feel like I got so many songs and I just don’t like nothing. I feel like nothing is good enough,” she said. “I got so much fu**in’ money saved up that I will just be like, yeah, whatever the f**k.”

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