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BREAKING NEWS: International Journalist Creates First Herstory Textbook

A lot of historica things are happening in America. International Journalist, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is dedicating her memoir to women all over the world and education.

Her memoir/textbook is an ode to the world.

Spinex: How did you get the title Social Media President?

GAS: A white gentleman slid in my dms and called me that. I refused the title many times.

He said, “You are the only that reaches the young generation. The young generations gets on social media all the time. So the title fits.

“My inbox and dms are flooded with commentary and thanks you. They feel that change is happening.

I am not the only world leader who is making change in America.

My goal to bridge the gap between the young and the old.

Spinex: Looks like America is an amazing place to live in 2021

GAS: I love and support my country.

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