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Brandy Riley Shares New Single ‘Pour Decisions’

Country music has often been associated with certain stereotypes, but fast-rising country artist Brady Riley is here to challenge those norms with his latest single, “Pour Decisions.” In this intriguing song, Brady candidly explores the vulnerability and emotions that surface after a night of making questionable choices at his favorite Nashville haunt. Collaborating with Paul Sikes, he infuses a Billie Eilish-inspired vibe, creating a unique and ahead-of-its-time sound. As a dynamic performer, powerhouse vocalist, and unapologetically authentic artist, Brady Riley is redefining the country music scene with his blend of country, pop, and rock influences.

Hailing from the small town of Winnie, Texas, Brady Riley discovered his passion for music at an early age, singing even before he could speak. Growing up, he found solace and expression on stage, using music as a means to write and share his innermost thoughts and feelings. As a true reflection of his character, Brady’s music is raw, real, and radiant, showcasing his unfiltered authenticity. His electrifying performances have graced Nashville’s most prestigious stages, including The Electric Jane and 3rd and Lindsley, cementing his position as a standout talent in the country music scene.

Brady Riley is not only making waves in the country music landscape with his musical talents but also as an advocate for the queer community. For him, music has been a therapeutic escape, helping him heal and navigate through the challenges of his childhood and embrace his identity. His move to Nashville in 2021 brought a renewed sense of courage as he recognized the significance of representing queerness and androgyny in an industry that often lacks such representation. By fearlessly embracing his true self, Brady is becoming a beacon of inclusivity and acceptance for audiences worldwide.

The opening notes of “Pour Decisions” set the stage for a mysterious and enticing story. Brady’s soulful vocals draw listeners in as he sings about contemplating the consequences of going off the deep end. The song paints a vivid picture of him sitting in a smokey dive bar, attempting to drown his heartache with poor decisions in his cup. The lyrics playfully match the energy of the instrumentation, featuring a fusion of pop beats and fingerstyle guitar melodies. With a country twang and gritty authenticity, Brady’s vocal prowess demands attention. The song’s chorus builds tension, leading to the cathartic release of “I’m about to pour decisions in a glass, throw it back.”

Brady Riley’s latest single, “Pour Decisions,” embodies his fearless approach to music, storytelling, and representation. Through his candid and unapologetic artistry, Brady invites listeners on an emotional journey, celebrating vulnerability and authenticity. As he continues to forge a path for inclusivity and acceptance in country music, Brady Riley’s talent, passion, and unwavering dedication to his craft make him a standout artist to watch in the contemporary music landscape.

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