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Ari Anna – Lost Again

Fast rising London-based songstress Ari Anna has at long last released her highly anticipated new single titled ‘lost Again’. The newly released single ‘Lost Again’ is an intimate ballad, born of real life and struggle. On ‘lost Again’ Ari Anna shared her personal story with mental health and eating disorders, capturing in music the constant tug of war between the desire to heal and the tendency to fall back into destructive patterns. Ultimately, the song becomes a stirring call, a guiding light for those who suffer: ‘if I made it through this, so can you’.

However, Ari Anna’s yin and yang duality is reflected in the music video, as well as the introspective verses yielding to soaring, uplifting choruses. Fusing the raw emotion of Demi Lovato and the inspiring energy of James Brown, the philosophical duality and monochrome stage aesthetic is Ari Anna’s signature. The single has been featured by Italian Magazines: La Stampa, Gazzetta di Saluzzo and Cuneo24. As well as UK magazines PlatinumMind and LDN Magazine.

Ari Anna, is gearing up to release her 7 track experimental Album this September, Ari Anna has already realised
her first dream: recording at Abbey Road Studios, under the production auspices of Pete Smith (Stevie Wonder, The Police) and Paul Statham (Kylie Minogue, Dido), along with her long-term Italian collaborators: Macs (Sony Music Italy) and Etta Matters, and having the tracks mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry).


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