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Music: Linn Willner – Morro Bay

Swedish singer/songwriter Linn Willner returns with a new single Morro Bay. The empowering track came to the artist when she was overwhelmed by her own thoughts so took the piano to clear her mind. The result is a cathartic offering that shows off Linn’s sweet and airy vocals as they float across a delicate piano line.

Linn Willner explains more about the themes of the song:

I’ve always been a dreamer trying to fit in. As early as I can remember, I’ve always seen myself go down a different path than what was expected of me. During my entire life I was perceived as naive and had too big dreams for my own good. I tried to be the perfect girl for everyone except for myself and it led me down a dark road.

I was at a crossroad, where I could envision two different lives for myself, one where I was the perfect girl from the outside, but inside the little dreamer was imprisoned by doubts. Or take the road toward my own happiness, but by doing that feeling like a disappointment to everyone around me. For me Morro Bay symbolizes taking ownership of the only life that you will ever have.

Morro Bay

Linn Willner grew up in an academic family and felt a lot of pressure to be the “perfect girl” in everyone else’s eyes. Linn soon realised that to be the best version of herself, she needed to embrace her true passion: music. Having always been a huge part of her life, she wrote her first song at just 4 years old and later in life found that music has been the only place she can truly be transparent and free. 

“Through thick and thin, music has always been there to empower me, it has been my best friend, my therapist and my reflection in the mirror. Never underestimate the power of music. In a world that is plagued by darkness, I want my music to be the light at the end of the tunnel.” Linn shares

Listen To Morro Bay Below

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