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Kanye West Gifts Chris Brown $120,000 Truck

Christmas came early for Chris Brown.Kanye West surprised the singer by gifting him a brand new SHERP ATV. Kanye’s manager, Bu Thiam, stopped by Chris’ Tarzana, Calif. house on Tuesday (Nov. 24) to drop off the $120,000 truck, which came with Yeezys in the trunk.

According to TMZ, there was no real reason for the gift other than Kanye wanting to honor Chris’ career and talent. Ye wasn’t there in person to deliver the gift, but he penned a hand-written letter to his “Waves” collaborator.

“Congratulations to Chris Brown on 20 years in the game,” Ye wrote. “You’ve overcome so many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you’ve put in.”

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