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Jessica Nicole Brown – Hoopla la la (Official Music Video)

Up and coming singer-songwriter Jessica Nicole Brown returns with the explosive new single “Hoopla la la”.

Since the release of her acclaimed debut EP Girl, I Don’t Know, Brown has been building momentum with a whole host of tastemaker press coverage and a growing following. Having made a name for herself with her infectious tongue in cheek lyrics and silky vocal delivery, the new single is a step into the unknown with a fresh approach and a new sound.

“Hoopla la la” sees Brown showcase the fiery side to her repertoire with a track which blends elements of pop, hip-hop, rock and punk in a glorious, ferocious, and strikingly unique soundscape. Feverish, emotive, and explosive right from the start with a shouting sample cut, the track quickly kicks in with Brown’s intense flow, full of honesty, angst, and anger. The track’s soundscape of punching, rock infused drums, distorted synths, guitars, and deep bass perfectly mirrors and compliments the vocals and the enraged nature of the track to deliver a listening experience full of emotion and excitement.

A demonstration of Brown’s range as an artist, “Hoopla la la” is a great representation of her depth as an artist with an eagerness to experiment and push boundaries.

Speaking about the single, Brown explains: “I went through many different drafts, but the constant was


the feeling of rage or hatred towards someone who said they loved me… I just imagined it with obnoxious 808s and a rock flair. I also heard it having somewhat of a pop/punk attitude in my delivery.

Picture this song being recorded after I was put through hell and now, I’m back to return the favor.”

Having gained coverage from several trendsetter press including the likes of Earmilk and Atwood Magazine, Jessica Nicole Brown has established herself as one to watch with artistic flair and huge amounts of potential. Now back with the new single, Brown is continuing her journey, building an exciting career as an artist.

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