Music Video: Stereo Passion – CJ Brogan

Music Video: Stereo Passion – CJ Brogan – Driven by the romantic notion of art for art’s sake, the producer lets his craft lead the way and shape its own mysterious story. Cleverly playing with the concept in time in both its music and visuals, ‘Stereo Passion’ delivers an uplifting melting pot of sleek Electronic beats, Funk sensibilities and Disco vibes, backed with a video juxtaposing natural desert settings with futuristic aesthetics and props.

The single touched upon the notion of duality – in modern-day stereo music, in human nature, in finding one’s significant half like two records spinning in unison. Following the footsteps of the legendary Daft Punk whilst determined to push his music shape its own destiny and stand the test of time. ‘Stereo Passion’ is just the start of a musical project set to transport listeners to a time-defying inter-galactic dancefloor of smooth melodies and feelgood vibes.

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