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Worldwide Journalist Tackles Mental Health in DC and Discusses Memoir

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is taking the internet by storm with three radio shows, one being international, recently unexpectedly dropping her memoir, and coming back to her community in Washington, DC. We caught up with Madam Smith to discuss more her memoir and how she is tackling mental health in Washington, DC with Goshen Health Services.

Madam Smith was born and raised in Northeast, Washington, DC. She was raised by a single mom. Her father came into her life while in high school at the age of 14 and has never left. 

“I grew up less privileged. I did not grow up rich. I tell people this and they do not believe me. My previous significant other grew up less privileged and was telling me about how things were. I told him I could relate, but he did not believe me. I guess, my mother never told me “Hey, Gabrielle we are less privilege.” Conversations about our social class never came up. I mean to think about it we lacked family vacations. It never crossed my mind. Consciously, I thought we were rich because she would make things happen out of nothing. She is and always will be my hero. 

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“I was attending Sherwood Recreation Center for summer camp. My mother and I always got up late. This particular day my camp was going to the zoo. I was so excited. We got up and ready late. I started crying. So, she came back out all dressed and say, “Guess where we are going?” My nine-year-old self said, “Where?” She said, “To the zoo, Missy.” Missy is my immediate family nickname. She took off work to take me to the zoo. We packed out lunches and went. Best field trip of my life. She is the only woman I fully trust 100%.

Madam Gabrielle unexpectedly became the first to release a memoir on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. 

“I was in a meeting and just started writing a story about a food fight in third grade. Then, I started writing a compilation of stories on Facebook and Instagram. So, I unexpectedly dropped it on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Within 48 hours, it went viral. People from all over the world were in my DMS and inbox telling me to keep going. These are people of all races. I kept going. My parents kept telling me to write a book. My good mentor who is ex CIA told me to write my memoir. I was not interested in years because I did not think my life was that interesting. 

My ex CIA mentor Simmons said, “Gabrielle write your memoir. People will be inspired. Your life is an extraordinary life with all that you have gone through. Go write your memoir.” 

“Literally, a few days before unexpectedly recently Herstory, my mother told me to write my book. It is interesting how everything has worked out.” Madam Smith currently is looking to tackle mental in her hometown of Washington, DC. She talks differently about her partnership with Goshen Health Services.

“Goshen Healthcare is a fabulous place for individuals with mental health. They have world-class and the best therapists and social workers in Washington, DC. A recent partnership was made for me to do a virtual residency for the individuals that attend this awesome place. If you know of anyone who is struggling with mental health go to Goshen Health Services. Their staff there is wonderful. I have made frequent visits to discuss partnering up for Mental Health Awareness Month which kicks off in May 2021, basically starting this Saturday. 

I currently struggle with mental health because of anxiety. I have a fear of being recorded without my consent, and being watched and stalked without my consent. This all derived and was developed from the junior and senior years while working in entertainment as a journalist. I will make some in-person appearances. Mostly it will be a virtual residency for the individuals. 

I want to express to them that being a black person mental health is normal and there is nothing wrong with it. A person such as myself has been through a lot and still struggles with it every day. I want them to realize it takes a team to get through it and that they are not alone. In my great city of Washington, DC, the rates and percentage of black people with mental health are very high and also across the United States.

I will teach from the many many interviews done. I have already created a curriculum for Goshen Health Services. I can discuss everything in groups and in single discussions. However, they will do activities based on my interview that discusses mental health. Goshen Healthcare Services is the place to be during the month of May 2021 or Mental Health Awareness Month”

Currently, The President of Social Media’s memoir Herstory is currently streaming on Facebook and Instagram.Facebook: Gabrielle Alexandra SmithInstagram: Gabrielle_Alexandra_Smith

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