iOna Reine Shares New Single “Intentional Love”

iOna Reine Shares New Single “Intentional Love”: Formerly a secular musician, Iona Reine has recently made a bold move and transitioned into a gospel musician. Her first Gospel single titled “Intentional Love” has officially been released and is available across various streaming platforms. The song has been well-received by fans and listeners, who have applauded her for taking this new direction.

Iona Reine has been vocal about her faith and has encouraged her fans to have a personal relationship with God. This is a significant change for the singer, who previously sang secular music, and has now decided to use her talent to spread the message of the gospel. Her recent release, a gospel medley, received a lot of reactions from fans, and her decision to switch has been met with great enthusiasm.

In an exclusive interview, the singer spoke about her encounter with God, her new single, and what she hopes to achieve with it. She shared, “God has been so good to me, and my recent encounter has drawn me even closer.” Her new single, “Intentional Love,” speaks to every believer and strengthens their faith in the Lord. The song is a testament to God’s genuine and intentional love for us, and it seeks to inspire listeners to deepen their faith.

The release of “Intentional Love” is a significant milestone for Iona Reine, as she continues to use her gift to bring glory to God. The song’s message is one of hope and love, and it speaks to the power of God’s love in our lives. It is an excellent example of how gospel music can touch people’s hearts and change lives, and it is a reflection of Iona Reine’s deep faith.

In conclusion, Iona Reine’s decision to switch from secular music to gospel music is a brave and significant step, and her first Gospel single, “Intentional Love,” is a testament to her faith and talent. The song’s message is powerful and uplifting, and it will undoubtedly inspire listeners to deepen their faith in God. Iona Reine’s journey is a reminder that we can always find our way back to God, and that our talents and gifts can be used to glorify Him.

iOna Reine Shares New Single “Intentional Love”

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