Luigui Bleand Shares New Single ‘Zumba’  

Luigui Bleand Shares New Single ‘Zumba’: eggaeton hitmaker Luigui Bleand has released his new single ‘ZUMBA under Warner Music Group. The track will be part of his upcoming EP ‘Asesino Sin Guante’, following his highly successful previous releases ‘Lo Prieto’ and ‘Mueve Eso’ which together amassed 1.7 million streams on Spotify. Already a household name in the Dominican Republic, his new single ‘ZUMBA’ features noted artists Yomel El Meloso and Tivi Gunz and was produced by Luigui Bleand, Chino Produciendo and ShotRecord Modofoka. ‘ZUMBA’ was created following the need to create a hyper-energetic fusion of relaxed Reggae and upbeat Pop in a global sound that anyone can dance to regardless of language, breaking existing barriers through the music. Luigui Bleand says about his upcoming track:

“‘ZUMBA’ is for everyone who needs something to have fun and relax, even if they don’t understand the lyrics or the genre. It’s not just for my fans, but for everyone who wants to party or relax, who is going out to a club or still working, who is feeling energetic or overwhelmed. Feel the rhythm and get dancing!”

As the title suggests, ZUMBA’ is a highly catchy party Reggaeton song about the emotions of people dancing and enjoying life, and the ways music affects them with waves of positivity. With his latest track, Luigui Bleand is looking to expand his successes on a global scale, bringing his unique style of Reggaeton, dubbed ‘Reggae-Pop’ to reflect the great level of reach and popularity his music attained in the Dominican Republic. The accompanying music video shows off the high energy nightlife of Santo Domingo, with Luigui, Yomel El Meloso and Tivi Gunz bringing life to a party in an immersive way that captivates and compels you to join their unapologetic lifestyle of music, dance and fun. 

Luigui Bleand started his musical journey at the early age of 13, working in studios and honing his skills as a producer alongside local artists in Santo Domingo. Not relenting there, Luigui launched his own artistic career to bring his own twist on Reggaeton to the spotlight and to drive his passion into his own original music. Luigui states:“I have had a few successes in my life, but daily I challenge myself to be better and find that sound that connects with people”

Inspired by a great mix of artists such as The Weeknd, Miley Cyrus and Maluma, Luigui Bleand is set to expand his sound and reach new heights in 2023 with a new, head-turning style of Reggaeton that will give a feel for elevated emotions and dance. With a new EP ‘Asesino Sin Guante’ on the horizon and plenty of performances, Luigui Bleand is sure to make a significant impact in 2023. Follow Luigui Bleand on his social media for the latest on his releases. 

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