Gorilla Releases New Single ‘Internet Troll’

Gorilla Releases New Single ‘Internet Troll’: Hot on the heels of her collaboration with Moneybagg Yo, the Grammy-nominated female songstress Gorilla, releases her new single and video for “Internet Trolls.” On the Hitkidd-produced track (“F.N.F.”), she reminds listeners that not everything on the internet is what it appears to be.

“You could be who you wanna be, live how you wanna live / Stunt how you wanna stunt, give what you ’ posed to give,” she raps. “Say what you wanna say, feel how you wanna feel / Sometimes, I think they are forgettin’ the internet a fairytale.”

Speaking with Apple Music, she opened up about the inspiration behind the track. “You know me as a person, I make songs off what I go through or the stuff I see going on, and it’s just a lot of internet trolls,” she said. “People, they don’t leave their house. They don’t get off their phone. They don’t go outside and see what the real world got to offer. This the song to let people really know it’s a world outside of the internet.”

The song draws on her own experiences with online trolls. “It’s just a lot of people trying to tear you down. Some of them may hate themselves, but they want you to hate yourself and you just got to know that it ain’t real.”

GloRilla, whose hit “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” is nominated for Best Rap Performance at the Grammys, will perform as part of 50 years of hip-hop tribute during Sunday’s show.

After releasing her 9-track debut EP Anyways, Life’s Great… in November, Glo is now ready to give fans a full-length project.

“I know they want more songs from me,” she said. “They want me to perform more songs when I go to my shows and stuff, so I was excited. It was cool. I’m ready to get them another one. Full body.”

Gorilla Releases New Single 'Internet Troll'
Gorilla Releases New Single ‘Internet Troll’
Gorilla Releases New Single ‘Internet Troll’
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