Gilbs Shares New Single ‘Flora’

This remarkable new single entitled ‘Flora‘ is a contender for Afropop anthem of the year and it comes from the potential future face of Afrobeats worldwide – Gilbs. Flora‘ is an incessantly catchy single boasting a rich mix of all the typical Afropop elements with beautifully crafted lyrics and this is mirrored in the song’s idyllically overlapping melodies. U

sing the name of a close Uni friend for the song’s eponymous title, ‘Flora‘ had an impressively straightforward writing process whereby Gilbs wrote his ideas down and immediately collaborated with his producer to form this magical hit. 

19-year-old artist Gilbs is an upcoming & promising talent who is eagerly raring to tear up the Afropop scene. The young man hailing from the enriched pride of West Africa in Nigeria has been on the music scene for only a few years yet has shown endless signs of a guaranteed future Popstar.

He embarked on his musical journey during his high school years when he started making music for his friends to hear in their Whatsapp group chat in 2021 and, after perfecting his craft, he released his debut single in December 2022 entitled ‘Swit Luv‘ which was welcomed with an incredibly warm reception. Gilbs has traversed a broad range of genres and styles which have enabled him to create his own unique music persona – an artist certain to keep an eye on.  

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