6LACK – Since I Have A Lover

After a hiatus of nearly five years, the Atlanta-based singer has returned with a new single titled “Since I Have A Lover,” which serves as the title track for his upcoming album. The guitar-driven track has a laid-back vibe and sees 6LACK reflecting on his life after finding love. In the song, he expresses gratitude for the type of love that he has found and celebrates the end of his lonely nights. The accompanying video shows him falling from the sky and floating through the city as he revels in his newfound love.

According to 6LACK, “Since I Have A Lover” is a note to self that he is no longer the person he used to be and that his creations now serve a bigger purpose. He explained that the song is about the highs of having a healthy love and is an acknowledgment of how he feels. He added that the chorus is not a lyric, but a feeling that represents relief, trust, happiness, and surrealism.

6LACK’s upcoming album, “Since I Have A Lover,” will be his first release since 2018’s “East Atlanta Love Letter.” The album will touch on mental health, personal growth, healing, and his journey of finding his way, both the good and the bad. The artist expressed his gratitude for the ability to articulate his experiences over the past five years and his excitement to share his music with his fans.

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