The Ardents – Outside the lines

 The Ardents, from Scarborough England, combine a fierce storm of gritty rock with soul-stirring melodies and infectious rhythms, which they have mastered with their new single, “Outside the Lines” dropping May 7, 2021. They are known for blurring the lines between rock, blues and country as they bring a fresh new flavor to the global music scene.

The Ardents are, Leigh (lead vocals), Peter (words, guitar), Stu (guitar), Katty (cello) and Chris (drums).

Peter says, “The song is about a girl / young lady asking her partner to help her, “live her life outsides the lines” to be different and not needing to conform to the normal 9 to 5 and the restrictions and constraints that is expected. He continues, “She wants the excitement, danger, safety and stability but wants to live a different life.”

“Outside the Lines” was written and produced by Peter Snowdon.


“Fueled by a virtuoso cello’s and a steady atmospheric beat, “Outside the Lines” is an elegantly epic concoction of orchestral bliss. Spellbinding soundscape lusciously layer throughout an eerie atmosphere as we are taken deep into a timeless world of pure pleasure.””Enter the softly soothing world of The Ardents in their latest timeless track “Outside the Lines”. The boundary breaking epic whisks us away through magical harmonies and deep emotion-drenched melodies.”

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