Paul Childers to Release ‘I Got You’ this New Year’s Day

Paul Childers to Release ‘I Got You’ this New Year’s Day

New Years’ Day marks not just the start of 2020, but also the beginning of The Orange Chapter of Paul Childers’s Secondary Colors saga with his single I Got You.The sophomore project of the now globally praised songwriter and guitarist, Secondary Colors is a 3-part release with EPs spanning from orange to green to purple.

I Got You signifies the first phase of Secondary Colors: The Orange Chapter, which will conclude with 3 additional tracks on January 24, but the single’s New Year’s debut is hardly a coincidence. Universally, the end and beginning of each year is sealed with a midnight kiss, but I Got You takes it one step further.

 “‘Love’ has been one of the biggest words that we’ve developed to describe something so truly vast and mysterious,” says Childers.

“It’s the one word used to define a feeling that everyone chases. But it seems like my generation throws ‘love’ around so casually. When I say that I love someone, I mean it. I wrote ‘I Got You’ so that the person I’m saying it to knows that I mean it. It may sound colloquial compared to I LOVE YOU, but I GOT YOU goes deeper in my opinion.

To prove it with every action and with every fiber in your being, that’s love. That’s getting them.”A master of confronting emotion head on, Paul Childers has become known for his unconventionality, and the concept of Secondary Colors is no exception. With the release of The Green Chapter and The Purple Chapter to follow, each section is bound together to compile the 12 song album.I Got You is available for pre-sale now and available everywhere on January 1, 2020. You can pre-order the song through this link Pre-order

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