Renee Lamy – “Sometime”

New Music: Renee Lamy - "Sometime"

Fast rising American songstress and Songwriter Renee Lamy has at long last released her long-awaited single, titled – “Sometime”.

“Sometime,” is a pop acoustic song and is Renee’s fourth original release with more anticipated to come this year. When talking about her latest single, Renee says, “Different to my other songs, “Sometime” is just genuinely happy. It is about a good, pure, happy, love. I think it’s amazing how someone starts out as a stranger to us and over time can become the most important person in the world. Someone you didn’t know makes their way into your heart (sounds so cheesey, I know) and they become a part of you. This song is a story of that journey. A story about falling in love.” 

This is Renee’s fourth single to be released, following her song “Poison” that was released in December of 2019. Both songs were recorded with Ryley Music Productions and Renee can’t wait to continue to share more of her music with everyone. 


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