Awir Leon Shares Indie-Electronic, Hip-Hop Tinted Masterpiece ‘Stars’

Awir Leon returns with the intoxicating, beguiling new single ‘Stars’. The French, now Amsterdam-based vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer possess a unique sonic identity, carving his own space somewhere between electronica, alternative hip hop, and indie delivered with a philosophical, soulful, emotionally raw sincerity. Having spent the last two years touring internationally as the opening act of ‘Woodkid’, Awir is now back with a string of new material, culminating in the release of a new album Love You, Drink Water

Often likened to the likes of James Blake, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul, or Thom Yorke, Awir’s ever-creative soundscapes and hypnotic delivery shines as bright as ever on the new single ‘Stars’. Blending vibrant vocal sampling, bright analog synths, and punching beats to create a rich, intricate, and atmospheric, yet intense and driving musical backdrop. Leon’s charismatic vocal delivery, switching between his energetic flow and melodic lines gives the track a central pin and subtle yet nonetheless feverishly catchy hooks. Offering an exciting taste of what to expect from the upcoming album, ‘Stars’ is an intriguing offering showcasing a lot of promise. 

Speaking about the single, Leon explains: “Stars, to put it simply, is a self-motivation song. It’s a pick yourself up, get your shit together moment.

The chorus is like a motto, or even a mantra:‘All hands in the mud’ refers to taking your life in your hands, and re-owning your force of creation, ‘touch skin like a treasure’ refers to enjoying and being grateful for what is in your life, and ‘do we know we’re alive?’ Is pretty self-explanatory. ‘All the stars on your skin when you’re sweaty’ is probably the core line of the song though. It gives this idea that you’ll find another dimension through picking yourself up again, that you’ll shine through effort.”

Not only a musician but also a talented dancer, Awir toured for a decade with several international dance companies, such as Emanuel Gat Dance, before feeling the need to focus more on music. Having now toured Europe and picked up  a whole host of acclaim from the likes of NOWNESS, Notion and The House Magazine, gaining over 1 million streams on Spotify alone, Awir Leon’s new material once again pushes boundaries, showcasing his musical maturity and cementing his place as an exciting, interesting up and comer. 

Upcoming Live Dates:

17/03/23 – Paris, Boule Noire
18/03/23 Brussels, Volta
20/03/23 Berlin, Badehaus
21/03/23 London, Lower Third

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