Music Review: Azeez ‘Kay Calypse’ Olalekan Shares his Thoughts on ‘Late Night Special’ EP by Tytanium

Tytanium LNS the zimtainmentNo Doubt Nigeria have got a handful of USA Base Music Artiste steadily working to keep the Green and White Colour flying in the World Music Sphere. On the 27th April 2018, Straight from the heart of Houston, Texas. Nigerian Born Afro-Pop Artiste Tytanium released this Ear Soothing EP Titled ‘Late Night Special’ on Music Stream Platforms. Anyone who has casually paid attention to Tytanium maneuvering through the music’s ecosystem could foresee a prolific compilation such as LNS on the horizon.

The dark background of the EP’s Album Art with African Pattern in Gold curving out of the Coke Bottle sharped African Lady really gives it that Night sensation and would say the designer deserves some accolades for this piece of work.

So the trichotomous LNS (billed as “Late Night Special”) arrives at such a crucial time in the beloved Afrobeat culture. We are at a crossroads. Never has the music enjoyed such positive impression on and offline— but it often came at the cost of clever songwriting and layered song subjects.
The freshness of Sound on ‘Green Light’ starts off the EP and one would say it’s a song to send to that Special Gurl you have a little something for, hinting your Love has no cost, its Free and can’t wait for a Green Light from her.
The Second Song titled ‘Gymnastics’ is more of a groovy one with Niyi Neyo featured. Absence of musical clichés You can’t help but dance to this one once it plays and on this, one can tell the guy got the ladies attention already and wants nothing but moves from her just like gymnasts do.
Track 3 ‘Ocean’ have Tytanium confessing more of his affection for the lady, describing how her portion captures his emotions and how all his devotion belongs to her and wouldn’t mind drowning in an Ocean for her. Lol.
To cap the crisp and intense compilation of Four Songs is ‘Tomorrow’ which surprisingly have been gaining lots of streams online. This Song gives the whole EP that warm mellow feel, a tender expressive melody by Tytanium. This EP is Surely one to Listen to all over again after the first play.

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