Mitchel Evan – “Leeches”

Mitchel Evan debuts his hauntingly beautiful lyric video for “Leeches”—the latest addition to his ‘No Bullshit Americana’ repertoire. Pairing moonlit bathed animation with his distinct, beatnik reminiscent prose, Evan’s visual enchants listeners.

“It’s a perfectly dreamy visual accompaniment for the roots-inspired folk song which perfectly brings to life the story his lyrics hold,”Vents observes. “The scenes are a perfect combination of ethereal and mystifying, matching the alluring melodies of the track to bring the story Evan so vividly writes to life.”

Mitchel revealed that the inspiration behind “Leeches” was rooted in mutual infatuation, chemical attraction, and the magic of the moonlight. Like every addition to his rapidly growing catalog, “Leeches” is, in fact, based on very real events.Mitchel Evan writes what he knows, illustrating his personal history in a way that pierces all 5 senses and allows the depth of his soul to rise to the surface.     

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