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MakaveliGodd is an internet icon. A nameless, faceless enigma who’s music is as visual as it is sonic. Shrouded in a veil of mystery, MakaveliGodd’s identity is totally unknown, but this doesn’t stop him from amassing a large listenership across all platforms, with his highest played song Harakiri racking up an impressive 6 million plays on spotify.

No small feat,  but it seems to be bigger than plays and clout for MakaveliGodd, rather the community that is built around his music. There is an emphasis on ‘Leveling the playing field’, creating a neutral and equal space for individuals from all backgrounds to enjoy and benefit from. This idea is further reinforced by MakaveliGodds label and co collaborators Trash Gang, who look to build an all encompassing world where there is a point of entry for everyone.


“No Sea is dark enough to hide the color of my blood.”

There is a true driving force in his music, it’s aggressive and haunting,  harkening  back to some of the bloodcurdling sounds of Memphis Horrorcore in its heyday.  It’s abrasive and ‘in your face’ and at times feels like a caricature of itself, much like MakaveliGodd, it’s almost fictional in nature. His latest offering, 12, is characterized by an eerie piano melody that loops throughout the song’s minute and half duration, with compressed drums that blow through the speaker. MakaveliGodd says the song was created to ‘Symbolize rebellion’, with his lyrics being a ‘Big middle finger to uncle sam’. 

With features on big Spotify playlists such as Tirade there is a real interest in what MakaveliGodd does next, the anticipation is palpable and with every release he satisfies the needs of his established fanbase. His new track ‘12’ is available everywhere on the 8th of September! 

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