Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith Starts a Global Mental Health Movement

After Madam Gabrielle Alexandra Smith’s show, preferably, Episode 5 & 6, she sat down with Spinex and after the conversation to say:

“Let’s just start a Global Mental Health Movement, calling it the same title. I will start it and hopefully, the citizens of our great world will get behind it. If they do not, then I will still carry the mental health sector of this world on my shoulders and continue it.

Who is to say it cannot be created? I just coined and created it.

I thought long and hard about it and said to myself, “Yes, I am tackling mental health in my city of Washinton, DC, which is located in America. However, the issues, stigmas, and statistics are not just in America and Africa, it is all over the world.

I remember just getting done interviewing American Record Producer, Jermaine Dupri. I was laying on my bed in my room. I felt a new feeling in my heart, and then chest. I vibrated repeatedly like a defibrillator.

My mommy and daddy were not there to hold me in their arms, I am their little mustard seed. 

I called on God. I seriously thought I was dying. 

Before I found out it was anxiety, I had crocodile tears in my eyes and snot dripping from my nose saying to God, “Please do not take me. I have more to get accomplished in this world and a lot of contributions to make.”

This is going to be an interesting summer.”


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