Limitless by Prof. Pezhman mosleh

Limitless by Prof. Pezhman mosleh

Iranian international composer Professor Pezhman Mosleh is back with a new song titled “Limitless”. He is a composer and professor of cinema philosophy and aesthetic and a scholar in music history, who is appreciated by Dr. Irvin Yalom (one of the impressive characters of the century), Mrs. Rebecca Goldstein (the remarkable philosopher and author and the winner of American National Humanities Medal) and Nelson Mandela Foundation and he takes steps in the way of struggling with war and violence along with universal musicians.

In furtherance, “Limitless” tune has attracted so many attentions from many countries like France, Poland and the site of “Music Information Center of Poland” and “Kieslowski Art”.


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25 Thoughts to “Limitless by Prof. Pezhman mosleh”

  1. Cris

    Its a beautiful song!

  2. Lola

    Wonderful and pensive composition.

  3. Shina

    Yes! It’s a grat song.

  4. Sofia

    Woooow! It’s wonderful music!👏👏👏

  5. Tom

    very nice! In fact, Prof. Mosleh’s works are fantastic!

  6. Kevin

    An amazing composition and wonderful performance! It is really soulful and touches the hearts. It brings tranquility and suspence!

  7. Elena

    I enjoyed hearing this beautiful song. The works of Prof. Mosleh are very deep and beautiful.

  8. Sara

    Really nice ♥

  9. ژarlos

    It’s fantastic music composition!

  10. Michael

    This music is full of beauty, silence and thought.

  11. Jack

    Unique music! Thanks Danny for sharing this beautiful music

  12. Jennifer

    This song, gave me the opportunity to think.

  13. Lily

    Thank you Professor Mosleh

  14. Pedro

    Wonderful & great music! Thanks🌷

  15. Paula

    It’s very deep music!

  16. Randy

    Deep & beautiful!

  17. Hana

    That’s great. I enjoyed it.

  18. David

    Professor Mosleh is an admirable artist. And his works are very beautiful.

  19. wooow! thats great!!

  20. Volkan

    Very very beautiful!

  21. This music is an opportunity to think.

  22. Jaun

    Very beautiful song and very admirable composer!

  23. The song is very beautiful and has a thought-provoking name.

  24. Wow!! It s a song full of thought!

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