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Jeremy McComb “Price Is Right” Acoustic Music Video

A couple of Hardy-penned tunes also found their way onto The Way Back. McComb has long been a fan of the songwriter-turned-artist and found the quirky vibe of “The Price Is Right” perfectly fit what many had been filling their time with during the unexpected time out from the outside world. “Hardy wrote it maybe a decade ago, the song was so cool and I really hadn’t heard anything like it. It’s out there, and out there is my middle name,” he added, laughing.


About Jeremy McComb:

Good things come to those who wait, but luck favors the bold. And for Jeremy McComb, the balance comes naturally.  A storyteller epitomizing “been there and done that,” McComb has explored nearly every facet of the entertainment industry, all on his own terms. From radio to tour managing, releasing five albums, growing an international fan base, hitting the Billboard charts, and writing songs for projects selling over 6 Million copies … including a Grammy-nominated soundtrack (Blue Collar Comedy Tour – One for the Road). Proudly and fiercely independent in both spirit and style, The Average Joes Entertainment recording artist was born in Idaho as a sixth-generation musician. Music is in McComb’s DNA but he’s a distinct branch on the family tree. Obsessed with artists who share a gift for storytelling (and little else), he found inspiration in everything from Jim Croce to Tom Petty, and now bridges the canyons between country, rock, and folk.

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