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Jacob Giaimo – Before Long

Jacob Giaimo has been hard at work in the studio and has a new, very personal single, “Before Long” dropping October 28, 2022. It’s from his forthcoming album, Sleep Talking out December 16, 2022. The singer-songwriter from Orlando, FL., has created a song that will resonate with many. Jacob is well-known for writing melodic songs with clever lyrics and his single, “Before Long” is no exception.      

Giaimo says, “The song “Before Long” is about how I tend to opt for “quick fix” solutions while facing difficulties instead of really working through obstacles. This song was just a personal therapy session to acknowledge that although I have my strengths, I do have my weaknesses also and it’s good to be honest with yourself about that.”


‘“Before Long” didn’t actually take a lot of time to write,” says Giaimo. “I’m not sure as to why singles are typically the fastest songs to write; maybe because they’re the catchiest and therefore my brain doesn’t have to dig very deep for a melody.” Jacob continues, “But the song deals with a complex subject matter and it’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed a song of mine.”

 “Before Long” was recorded and produced at Opus Recording Studio in North Hollywood.

Catch Jacob Giaimo performing live Saturday, October 29, 2022, at the Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA.  

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