Exclusive Interview With Josi

Introducing Josi, an up-and-coming artist whose latest music project ‘FORE LIFE’ is making waves in the music scene. In collaboration with FORE Clothing, the project brings together Josi’s unique musical style and the brand’s iconic aesthetic to create a celebration of life and individuality. Released on Valentine’s Day, ‘FORE LIFE’ is a testament to the brand’s mission of bringing communities together through creativity and expression.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Josi about the inspiration behind the project, her creative process, and future plans. Through our interview, we gained insight into her passion for music and desire to create art that inspires and connects with others.

‘FORE LIFE’ has the potential to be a hit, and we believe that Josi’s talent deserves the recognition it deserves. With a portfolio of work that showcases her unique voice and musical style, Josi is a rising star in the industry, and we’re excited to see where her talent takes her next.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our interview with Josi and discover the creativity and inspiration behind ‘FORE LIFE’.


Can you tell us a bit about how the collaboration between you and the FORE brand came about?

The Collaboration Between FORE and I Began when Jordan (Founder of FORE) approached me with an Idea and after hearing it I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it. After briefing me on the project and my being on board with it, he gave me complete creative freedom within the brief as well as a complete trust which made me really excited to work with the brand.

How would you describe the sound and style of the new single “FORE LIFE”?

The Sound and Style we wanted to create for FORE LIFE were soft, romantic, and an element of confusion. We really wanted to explore the feeling of eternal love and Love in all elements. we also wanted to encapsulate the feeling of love and not only the words. The lyrical element wanted to incorporate the Brand in by a play on words; “for life”.

And In the guidance i was given by Jordan he said ‘ fore life, meaning forever and signifying something never-ending or a lifetime commitment, and also the ‘FORE’ way of life. having that in mind i put that into the lyrics, Mostly in the chorus so it

You have been making music since you were 11, what experiences or influences have helped shape your sound and style over the years?

The experiences that have help shape my sound over the years have been drawn from the travel that I’m grateful to have experienced growing up. Moving to different continents gave me a lot of exposure to a wide range of music and instruments which I want to incorporate into my music. I love the exploration of sounds and not only the way that it sounds but the way it feels and ventures into that has been very fun and interesting

The new single “FORE LIFE” draws inspiration from R&B, but how did you incorporate your own unique style and sound into the track?

‘FORE LIFE’ definitely drew inspiration from R&B as well as hints of my own personal style. I would say my usual singing style leans more towards alternative R&B but more so Neo Soul, Jazz and Indie, but I Enjoyed the challenge to Dive harder into my RnB past and explore. I Chose to add a lot of harmonies here and there, but especially at the end to add more of a ethereal/ eternal feel to the song.

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