Exlusive Interview With American Songstress Mary Kutter

Having successfully released two new melodious singles prior to now, multi-talented Nashville based songstress Mary Kutter, is back to field questions regarding her musical career.In a recent exclusive interview with her, the fast rising American, songstress discussed her background and her musical career in general.

The Nashville -based songstress and songwriter is a huge talent who can straddle genres.She has eschewed the normal route and kept working and writing at her regular pace and has just released her new single, dubbed ‘Panama’ on the heels of her previous stand-out single, ‘Defy Gravity’.Checkout the interview and be sure to stream ‘Panama‘ beneath.

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself?
-I’m a singer/songwriter based in Nashville. I love Kentucky Basketball, tacos, and making people smile. I’m obsessed with writing jams that make you feel good and wanna move.

2. How did your journey into the music business start. What motivated you?
-I was hosting a tv/radio show right outside of Louisville, KY close to where I grew up and I had this songwriter Kim Williams on the show. He wrote hits for Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Reba, Joe Diffie, etc. We really hit it off and I guess he saw something in me because he told me I had to move to town and he introduced me to several big writers. I started coming back and forth to write and have meetings and every time I’d play my music with people, the answer was the same: Get to town ASAP. I did and it was so full circle…on the weekend of my 2 year anniversary in Nashville, one of my songs I had written was played at the Ryman. If that isn’t a sign of me making the right decision, I don’t know what could be!! 

3. What motivated you to write “Panama” & “Defy Gravity”?
-I think it’s crazy how when we are kids, we are told to dream big and to not be afraid to chase those dreams. At some point along the way, it’s like we have a disconnect and start thinking about all that could go wrong with dreams. I wanted to write a song about how it could go right.Panama was an idea I had held onto forever. It was written down in my phone about how all the reasons you love someone are like all the grains of sand on a beach and just like you can’t count the grains of sand, you can’t count all the reasons you love someone because there are so many reasons. Panama definitely comes from a super true place in my life on how my heart thinks. Sometimes it can be tough expressing all the reasons I feel the way I do and this song just says, “hey, I am crazy about you and I’d be going on and on forever if I tried to explain every reason why.”

4. Had it been you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing now?
Back when I was a kid, I used to write all these stories in my notebooks. I was totally dazzled by creating stories and I think being an author definitely could’ve been a path I had went down if music hadn’t stolen my heart. It’s super dope though that I get to create stories every time I write a song. Instead of a 300 page novel, I have 3 minutes to tell a story that hopefully moves people.

5. Are you currently working on any new music projects? If yes! Can you briefly give us an insight and what we should be expecting from it? 

New music is definitely in the works. I’m gonna keep on releasing music that makes ya feel good.

6. If you had the opportunity to feature any of these songstress: Beyonce, Rihanna, & Nicki Minaj, who would it be and why? 

Beyonce because I love her confidence, zest for life, and how she feels her songs. Not only does she have an amazing voice, but she’s brilliant and such an entertainer.

7. What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in your musical career? 

I think at the end of the day, the biggest challenge can be staring your wildest dream in the face and not being afraid to go for it. I have a lot of big dreams and my vision for what all I wanna do isn’t small at all. I know that, and I also know the only way to win the game is to get in there and play and give it all you’ve got. The good news is I’m super passionate about challenges and things that don’t come easily, so I think this is the most exciting ride.

8. What message do you have for your fans around the globe? 

We’re about to have a lot of fun together on this ride, so hang on!

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