International Journalist Joins Power 104.4 FM

International Journalist Joins Power 104.4 FM

Washingtonian Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is set to have her own radio show on North Carolina’s hottest’s station. The name is still being under consideration. 

Smith join the entertainment industry while in college at Suny Purchase. She lived two lives while in college. One, becoming an international journalist from her dorm room and pursuing two degrees.

She breaks barriers everyday. Currently, Gabrielle Alexandra Smith changed the way social media is looked at forever. She unexpectedly dropped her memoir titled “Herstory” last Wednesday April 14, 2021 on Facebook and Instagram.

We called her to continue the memoir on our own station. She will be the first to change how we look at radio. “Herstory” will continue as an audiobook on Power 104.4 FM.

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