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“I Am In Love With the Older Generation. I Intellectually Do Not Understand My Generation” -Entertainment’s Gabrielle Alexandra

Madam Gabrielle Alexandra recently opened up about being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. She is a big advocate for mental health. In her interview with us, she discusses PTSD, Relationships, and Marriage.

Spinex: Why are you socially disconnected from your generation?

“I grew up conversing with baby boomers. They are the best generation. They had so much information. Most of them what to feel young again. I understand them. I have talked to them throughout my whole life.

Spinex: So, you have talked to adults who are 25+ before entertainment?

“Yes. It did not just start with entertainment. I only and mostly talk to baby boomer. Their personality is so free. They live how they want and do what they want. They even say what they want. They have lived life. I am confused about why the younger generations do not understand or respect the paths they have paved for them. My generation thinks they know everything and takes things extremely too seriously. 


Spinex: Are you currently dating?

“No. I would prefer not to. I am a free spirit. I do not want anyone to demand me on where to go or who to talk to. The next relationship I will start will be with someone who is a baby boomer or 25+ older than me.”
Spinex: We are out of time, however, let’s pick this up in our next interview, which will be part two.

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