On the threshold (dedicated to Dr. Yalom)

The musical composition of ”On the Threshold” was dedicated to Dr. Yalom by Iranian composer, Pezhman Mosleh. Dr. Irvin Yalom, is an author and a psychiatrist.He is the author of  the novel “when Nietzsche wept”.Visit Dr . Irvin Yalom facebook page for details on this publication.Click the link below to access the page



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9 Thoughts to “On the threshold (dedicated to Dr. Yalom)”

  1. Julia

    Wow! It is a beautiful song by great composer for great psychiatrist!

  2. Harry

    Thank you very much. I downloaded and heard it and enjoyed it.

  3. Alice

    Wonderful music video!!!!!

  4. Robert

    I love this song. I think Professor Mosleh is a unique composer!

  5. Olivia

    This is a rare event in the music world. Very interesting.

  6. Anna

    Thank you for your good site! you put best music in your site and this is GREAT!

  7. John D.

    I love it ❤❤❤❤

  8. Rose

    Thanks spinex music for sharing the music! It’s so nice!

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