Exclusive Interview With South London artiste Dubz

Exclusive Interview With South London artiste Dubz

South London artiste Dubz, was one of the artiste that recently made it on our interview list. Dubz, is a rapper and he is of one of the pioneers of rap music in England.He was gracious enough to field questions from me regarding his musical career.Be sure to check out “planet ticket” by Dubz.

1.Tell me about yourself?

Where do I start, I’m a 30 year old musician from south London, one of the first pioneers of rap music in England. I’ve got a good selection of music under my belt, I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m back!

2.Your latest single is collaboration with Giggs&Dekar titled “Planet Ticket” can you tell us more about the song?

The song is about when you meet a beautiful lady and she’s so nice she deserves a plane ticket to get flown out to where ever she desires.

3.How do you feel getting recognition with key brands such as SB: TV, Link Up TV, GRM Daily, MTV, 1xtra, Capital Xtra and Kiss?

I’m happy that I’m getting a good response from them platforms, but I expected it as I helped them get where they was in my early career to get them where they are now so I’m defiantly happy they’re returning the favour and appreciate them showing their support.

4.What is the biggest problem you have encountered in this journey of music?

Out of my whole career so far my biggest problem is that I’m complacent and don’t stay consistent in my releases, because I know the gift I have comes so naturally sometimes I don’t put my full focus in.

5.You launched your solo project Ard Doe in 2009, how did you get into music and how did your childhood shape your career?

When Iwas a kid and initially got into music I used to MC to garage and grime, I did alright on the grime scene and met a lot of people and got a lot of connections, then I got into rap when I was 18, 19 and was the first to rap with a English style and not copy the American style of rap. I done a few solo projects and I then met Giggs through mutual friends we started doing a few studio sessions and brought out some collabswhich brought out the Mixtape called “Ard Bodied” which featured “Talkin’ the hardest” and my most known track “Pain is the essence” and from there I went on to do my solo Project “Ard Doe”.

6.The two tracks, “Pain in the essence” and “Planet Ticket”, are pretty different, showing off your diversity as an artist.What’s it like being able to showcase different sides to yourself and your voice?

Both of the songs are far apart time wise so naturally I’ve done a lot of growing and changing as a person. But I can also tap into that old energy and get that feel back at any point. I’ve grown up and listening to all diff types of music from reggae to house to old school classics and I still do, I’m diverse in what I listen to that’s why I can be diverse in what I put out.

7.I would love to know one thing you may wish to change in the music industry if given the opportunity?

I’d like to change that now its not about your talent and music its about the latest drip you have, some actual talent is over looked these days because they don’t have the latest trainers on in their videos, its not bout what you’re putting out its about the accessories you have if I could change that and take it back to basics of music I would.

8.How would you describe your work ethic?

I’m known for getting complacent at times, but when I put my mind to it I get t done, and right now I’ve got the energy and love back for creating music so expect big things.

9.What should we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

I’ve got a whole catalogue of music put down ready to go and going to be releasing it over the next few months and when everyone’s listening and tuned in I will bedropping my second project.

10.What is your message for the fans around the globe?

Be real to yourself that’s it, do what makes you happy

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