Exclusive Interview With Kurtis Lee

Exclusive interview with Kutis Lee

In a recent interview with Spinex Music, 16-year old Kurtis Lee, often described as Justin Bieber, gave us a brief insight about his background and musical career.The young promising music star was gracious enough by fielding questions from us. Read the Excerpts from the Interview beneath.

1. Who is Kurtis Lee?

I’m a 16 year from Ruislip, just outside of London. I’ve been into dancing and singing from a very young age… I think it was like 4 years old. I study Dance at college including street dance and lyrical as well as attending a Performing Arts school called I Got Soul where I also learn tap, ballet and of course singing.

2. How long have you been into music?

I’ve always had a big interest in music from when i was really young. I’ve grown up being into artists like Usher, Ne-yo and Michael Jackson. I started dancing when I was quite young at I Got Soul and was probably about 7 or 8 years old when I stared doing singing classes.

3. What has been your most memorable moment in your music career so far?

I loved going to Konk studios in North London to record the vocals for Happy Life. It’s a great studio with a fantastic history of artists that have recorded there. The video was also a fantastic day. We shot it at the beginning of Summer and I had all my friends there with me from Soul to dance in the video with me.

4. How do you interact and respond to your fans?

A lot of the interaction is done through social media. The Lucky Guys have been great at pushing the single along and on YouTube we had nearly 60k views within a few weeks. I haven’t had much of a chance to meet my fans yet but hopefully there will be some live shows further down the road and I can get a chance to meet them then.

5. As an artist, what would you say are three goals that you would want to accomplish within the next five years?

My first one would have to be going out and performing live. I love dancing and singing and it would be fantastic to get out there. My second goal would definitely more music and time in the studio… Happy Life is only the beginning and I can’t wait to follow it up with another song. My third goal… I would love to go to one of the big shows, something like Summer or Winter Time Ball and perform there. As well as being such a huge venue, it would be great to be there with all those other great artists.

6. Is there any movement now that you’re passionate about, that you see yourself getting involved in?

Hip hop and break dancing is something that I’ve always liked the look of and would love to spend more time getting better at. One of the teachers at Soul is from Soul Mavericks, a wicked break dancing crew and I’ve had few classes with him which I really enjoyed.

7. How was the experience like working with The Lucky Guys on Happy Life?

It’s been brilliant… I’ve had the amazing time working with them. All the way from recording the song right the way up to doing the video. They are great guys and I can’t wait to work with them again.

8. Who are your heroes in life and why?

My parents… they both have worked really hard all their lives to provide for me and my sister, Scarlett, and give us everything we have ever needed or wanted. Without them I wouldn’t have ever joined Soul and be doing what I’m doing now.

9. Are you currently working on any project that you would love your fans to know about?

At the moment I’m just doing anything I can to get to spread the word about Happy Life and get that as big as it can be. Once that happens me and the Lucky Guys can then look at future things to work on and see what comes next.


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