Exclusive Interview With Julia Kahn

Exclusive Interview With Julia Kahn

Couple of days ago, we had the prerogative to interview Julia Kahn, concerning her musical under the auspices of Konstantinos. The songstress, was gracious enough to field questions from us concerning her musical career.Kindly, read the full interview below, and be sure to check out “Fly away” by Julia Kahn beneath.


1.Tell  me about yourself and your Background.?

I’m a singer-songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve been singing ever since I was little, and learned how to sing listening to old soul and blues records back home. I have been performing and creating since I was about 13 years old, and have most recently been in Nashville, working on writing and producing a new indie-electronic EP that will be coming out pretty soon. I just recently released a single and video from that upcoming EP, called Fly Away, which I’m also real excited about!

2.How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since I was about 13 years old. I’ve always sang and had an immediate passion for music since I was real little, but really started getting out there and creating at 13.

3.How many songs /albums have you released to date?

I’ve released lots of songs throughout time, but have done about 3 EP’s with different collaborators in recent years.

4.Can you tell us what inspired you to write “fly away”?

Fly away is a song of mine that is real close to my heart because it’s just a raw, vulnerable and honest look at some of my deepest emotions. This one was inspired by this big moment of clarity that I had that really shifted everything for me. It was the realization that everything I had been through, all of the pain or people who tried to limit me or hold me back, is really what led me to finding myself and my truth, and led me to becoming who I needed to become. I felt that magic in finally connecting to that truth, shedding away others’ negativity, and accepting that pain as one of my greatest teachers. So this one is inspired by that metamorphosis of finding your truth, and the acceptance of your journey that led you to it. Without the cacoon/pain, there’d be no butterfly.

5.Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?

I’ve been so lucky to create with so many awesome and talented people so far in my career. I used to sing in a blues/soul band while I was in school, with awesome musicians and friends of mine. I’ve also collaborated a lot with an electronic producer from Indianapolis, Mantra Mantis, who I created one of my first collaborative EP’s with. And now I am collaborating with Bryan Todd, on a new unreleased solo project, which has been such an awesome experience, I’m real excited about it.

6.How do you think you differ from other artists?

I think every artist has their own unique light and story that they’re meant to share with the world — and as for me, I just enjoy creating really honest, vulnerable and connective music that makes people feel and look inward. I’ve always felt I bring some retro and old-soulful influence into my vocals and writing, and then also bring a lot of newer/whimsical electronic sounds to my productions around them. So I feel like I bring a blend of old and new in a way — with my gypsy-soulful style mixed with some new urban-whimsical energy as well. I really just want to create music that brings people together, and inspires people to empower and love themselves more.

8.What are your  hobbies ?

I really love traveling and seeing the world more than anything. I recently took a trip to Africa that truly changed my life. I met some beautiful people there who let me sing with them in their African choir and I am now working on collaborating with them on some new ideas actually, and sampling some recordings I took there. So that’s all been super awesome. I also love just being outside and hiking and exploring new places and people. I also love collecting and listening to records and writing.

9.How do you balance your music with other obligations?

Ever since going through school and graduating college I’ve had to learn how to really balance my music career along with so many different obligations at once. I try to stay as inwardly balanced as possible, with things like meditation and yoga, and they really help me stay organized within to manage it all and stay balanced.

10.What do you think of  the music industry in 2019?

I think that there is starting to be a new wave coming with a lot more freedom and authenticity with artists in the industry right now, particularly with a lot of female artists doing some awesome things at the moment. There are a lot of badass female artists right now and others who are doing such unique and genre-bending things that I love and are really changing the game. I’m hoping it continues to expand in that way and reflect the vibrancy of this generation.


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