Introducing Ed Izycs: The Multi-talented Nigerian Instrumentalist, Composer, Music Producer and Video Director

Ed Izycs is a multi-talented Nigerian instrumentalist, composer, music producer and video director who hails from Akwa Ibom but was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rumukwurusi precisely. He is the Second of Six boys in his family. He started creating compositions in 2006 with his elder brother LeriQ then went on performing at his Mother’s restaurant on Friday evenings.

Ed Izycs plays the Piano, Recorder, Western concert flute and the Guitar effortlessly.

Ed Izycs released his first  full body of work titled “The Songz Of Izycs” in 2016.

Ed Izycs has directed most of his music videos. He released his first video material for his composition called Celebration in 2015. He shot the video for the song  with his phone (an Xperia Z3 compact) and uploaded on YouTube which further garnered awareness. He got signed to Cadilly Entertainment in December 2014 and they re-released the song Celebration as his first official single. Ed Izycs has also directed music videos for a few notable Nigerian Artistes:

Nawo Nawo, Tear Rubber and Hero’s Smile by YQ

Bad Man by Dj Humility

Action by Terry G

He also produced hit song “Always Pray For You” by Ace artist NOSA

Ed Izycs will be releasing a new Album titled ‘Gold’ which would consist of 15 tracks.

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