Chandler Henry – A Little Too Much

Chandler Henry - A Little Too Much

The wait is finally over as American songstress and songwriter Chandler Henry, has at long last released her long-awaited new pop single – “A Little Too Much”. The song began with an atmospheric synth line with a simple carefully curated lyrics as the song conveys a wide range of emotions that was much more deftly expressed.

The most cringe-worthy part of the song is the main vocals by Chandler Henry. With her unique voice, one might think that she might as well have been a machine singing over a machine track. Her vocals might leave you awed as one can easily see her musical expertise through this song.On a positive note, “A Little Too Much” has a relaxed, slightly melancholic feel. On the newly released single, Chandler conveyed her emotions properly and she was heard crooning melodiously with her good vocals which made “A Little Too Much” a good recommendation when you want to chill out.When you listen to the song at the first place the intro gives you a very good feel of the rest of it.

However, “A Little Too Much” is an explosive, powerful dark pop track about being in a toxic relationship with a narcissist and giving too much of yourself to this person.The song is infectious and it is difficult to get tired of when you stream it for the first time.The song was inspired by the realization of self-worth, after being repeatedly manipulated by someone you thought you loved.Subsequently, Chandler will be releasing more singles and collaborations in the Winter of 2020 and Spring of 2021.Kindly, update your playlist by streaming and downloading “A Little Too Much” beneath.

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