Sarkodie’s Alpha tape get featured by BET international.

When it comes to international recognition, nobody in Ghana beats BET award winning rapper, Sarkodie as he has again proved that again by getting his latest EP, Alpha which is currently still trending recognized by BET international. The BET international did so, by posting the Alpha tape(EP) on their social media handle precisely Facebook acknowledging the rappers impeccable display of his rap prowesses on the EP. However, this happens not to be first time he’s getting the honor as they recently expressed how proud they are of him for winning…

Sarkodie takes over trends with his Alpha tape, unveiled today.

The wait is over as the Alpha tape(EP) from Ghana’s finest rapper, Sarkodie is finally out on all digital platforms. Though the BET award winning rapper already gave fans a piece of it yesterday by releasing ‘Legend’ off the tape with it’s video, which topped trends on social media and got everyone talking about it, the full Alpha tape was officially unveiled today. Meanwhile, the rapper upon officially announcing the release earlier today on his social media handles, sparked an even more intense buzz on social media among both fans…

SHATTA Wale and Stonebwoy in police cells over VGMA scuffle

Following the fracas that took place at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards night between celebrated dancehall acts Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, the two were invited by the police yesterday for a probe into the matter. After which both artists were taken into police custody for further investigations into the unfortunate incident. As at today afternoon, iChris(Myself) can vividly confirm the two are still held up in the police cells and their lawyers have already began legal proceedings for a possible bail to be granted. However, though the facts are…

Destruction in Montania

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Invention of Advance Technology

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