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New Music: Arliston – Centre ¦ MP3

Alternate music group Arliston has released their new single center. A trio comprising three completely different music backgrounds and personalities; Jordi, Jack and George all provide genre influences ranging from metal to indie, from all corners of the UK and beyond. This has resulted in a sonically diverse alternative-pop sound and since their forming back in 2018, Arliston have featured in the likes of Clash Magazine, The 405 and KaltBlut, as well as editorial Spotify support. 

The group then embarked on a winter tour of Canada in 2019 before the pandemic hit, and just like the rest of the world, it stunted their momentum, but unlike others, not their progression. They then decided to hit the studio and set their sights on a full body of work that they can really push the boundaries with. The results have expanded Arliston’s work ethic and the sounds you can create as a three piece, with a debut EP on the horizon encompassing a broader, more refined sound. 

The first part of this is their upcoming single ‘Centre’ cuts right through the noise and is a staggering and emotive piece of alt-pop genius from the trio. It’s introduction is full of aching keys, alongside Jack’s ethereal and distinctive vocals setting the scene.

Reminiscent of The National and influenced by the likes of Big Red Machin0e, the song ebbs and flows between verse and chorus and goes in between multiple layers. George then showcases his signature guitar playing as well as Jordi’s unique drum performance taking shape, making ‘Centre’ a statement record from Arliston. It also symbolises their limitless potential as a group and force to be reckoned with.


Arliston – Centre
Arliston - Centre
Arliston – Centre

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