Lenoy Barkai Releases Stunning Debut Album ‘Paper Crown

Singer-Songwriter Lenoy Barkai releases her stunning debut album ‘Paper Crown’. Following support across music press, the solo artist see’s the culmination of her singles to date in this blissful full length project. 

Displaying an array of atmospheric, emotive soundscapes and musically mature songwriting, the album is full of beautiful moments. Blending elements of pop, indie, rock, alt-folk and subtle flecks of americana and country with captivating storytelling lyricism, Lenoy Barkai’s talent shines across the 12 multifaceted tracks.

Paper Crown is at its brightest on the album’s lead single ‘Just Enough Of You’. Built around layers of strummed acoustics, swelling chorus tinted guitar, subtle synth pads and swaying bass and drums, the track possesses a woozy sonic warmth under Lenoy Barkai’s ever silky, angelic and effortlessly mesmerising lead vocal. Progressing through its striking and catchy chorus, the track is surrounded by an ethereal haze, creating a truly transportive, blissful-yet-melancholic musical experience. 

Speaking about the lead single on ‘Paper Crown’, Lenoy Barkai shares: “When you can’t wait to forget about someone, and just as you do, they take it upon themselves to remind you. ‘Just Enough of You’ is about the passage of time and the things we carry with us either against our will, or despite our better instincts (because we start to enjoy the weight of them).

I had already started recording a few songs for the album when ‘Just Enough Of You’ emerged seemingly out of nowhere. The opening vocal line actually came to me in a dream, and when I woke up I quickly recorded it as a voice note before I forgot, and went back to sleep. Later that day I took that recording to the keyboard and the rest of the song grew wings from there.”

A singer, songwriter and instrumentalist by night, Lenoy Barkai is a cyber security consultant by day, as well as a new mom. Having studied classical singing at the South African College of Music in Cape Town, graduating in 2009, she has since been making music and performing after hours while building a wholly unexpected career for herself in the security industry. ‘Paper Crown’ is her first full solo project, capitalising upon the growing support that she has built over the past years.

Speaking about the album as a whole, Lenoy Barkai explains: “Paper Crown ended up being an album that largely reflects on different periods in my 20s. And when I thought about the common thread that ran through these songs, I found myself returning to different notions of power, gained and lost. I also like the image of a paper crown because it represents the fine line between the joker and the king – which reminds me to never take myself too seriously!”

The New Album ‘Paper Crown’, featuring the lead single ‘Just Enough of You, is released Feb 10th

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