Kan Ledgy reveals his first Mixtape and Album Artwork

Unapologetically trapping all the way from the streets of Swaneville, young and ambitious Kan Ledgy is looking to make his mark on the music scene. After his epiphany that he can “be anything he wants” his mixtape “The Realisation” was born.  

Recording these songs was not an easy task when all you have is written material and no producer or recording studio. But even in a small hood like Swaneville there’s a silver lining, though very thin. After some struggle he managed to find a bedroom studio that could help him make his songs. This offering has 6 tracks with 4 features. 

“The reason I decided to call my mixtape “The Realisation” is because growing up in the hood we don’t have enough role models. And a lot of us grow up not realising the potential we have nor that we can grow up to be someone great in this world. Many youths just stay in the hood, and achieve nothing or very little in life. So through this mixtape I really just want to say to all the youth out there that you can be anything you want if you put your mind to it. In my own life I had the realisation that I can work hard and become a Superstar.”

Kan Ledgy is inspired by guys like Nasty C, Drake, and Aka. Even so when he was doing this mixtape he really looked into his own hood, Swaneville for inspiration because he didn’t want it to sound like anything else in the industry right now. Thats why when you listen to it you can hear the texture of his lyrics have a Swaneville context. He is really just telling stories that he has seen and understands. And therefore people from his hood can really relate to it.

The future is looking very exciting for him and since the completion of his first mixtape he is really looking forward on working on more music. So set your reminders cause this tape is dropping on 07.06 on his birthday.

Kan Legy.jpg
Realisation cd_i side.jpg
Realisation cd_ii side.jpg
Realisation cd.jpg

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