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Bristol Progressive-Jazz collective Al Swainger’s Pointless Beauty return with the new single ‘Relentless’. Led by composer, producer, digital artist and multi-instrumentalist, Al Swainger is a musician that is full of innovative ideas. Taken from their upcoming album ‘Hearts Full Of Grace’, ‘Relentless’ is a striking example of the band’s unique blend of Jazz, Electronica, Prog and Chillout. Having already gained support from the likes of Clout, Backseat Mafia and Jazz FM (Ruth Fisher) the collective are riding high into the release of the new album.

‘Relentless’ sees Al Swainger’s Pointless Beauty build the kind of multifaceted, forward-thinking Jazz soundscape that the band has been known for. Airy synths, bright keys, dappled guitar lines, and infectiously catchy brass dance over tight bass and drums creating an invigorating, musically intense experience. Full of virtuoso performances from the whole band ‘Relentless’ gives an exciting taste of what to expect across the upcoming album. 


Speaking about the single, Swainger explains: Relentless is a reflection on how technology in particular has reshaped our lives. We’ve become expected to be permanently ‘on’ and to present a constantly happy and successful front. We have been trained to feel uncomfortable if people can’t contact us at all times through mobile phones and social media by willfully encouraging FOMO as a societal sales tactic. The hard part is that this behaviour genuinely is fun up to a point. The big downside is that our mental health can suffer as a result.

Trying to live up to the expectations of a relentlessly performative life will inevitably show the cracks sooner or later. I wanted to reflect on both sides of that experience with this piece of music. There’s even a hidden morse code message for the particularly keen of ear.”  

No stranger to performing at venues including Ronnie Scotts and the Royal Festival Hall, Al Swainger has had a hugely successful career playing and recording with a whole host of jazz nobility including Peter King, Jim Mullen and Alan Barnes as well as performing at national and international jazz festivals such as Love Supreme, London Jazz Festival and Krakow Jazz Festival. Having won fifth place in the British Jazz Awards three times, Al has fully established himself as a top level Jazz musician. Now focusing on his Pointless Beauty project, ‘Hearts Full of Grace’ represents the 5th studio release for the collective and once again shines a light on a hugely creative composer and a group of highly skilled musicians.

‘Relentless’ is released 4th May 

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