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Viral Sensation and Jazz Star Sam Chaplin Releases Debut Album Back Into Life. Every day we are entertained by some of the UK’s greatest performers but who captures their imagination? Well, in the case of a whole host of comedy stars, including Graham Norton and Miranda Hart, it is viral web hit Sam Chaplin.

A singer, songwriter known for his trademark powerful vocals and disarming vulnerability, Chaplin is set to wow audiences with his debut solo album Back Into Life, set for release 15/10/21. Back Into Life follows the artist’s regular shows at The Pheasantry Pizza Express, Chelsea, where Chaplin cultivated a dedicated fanbase with his signature intelligent pop stylings. Audiences couldn’t get enough! The result the successful 2019 crowdfunding campaign that launched the project. “’Back Into Life’ is a title in two parts. The songs are a journey into my life but they’re also an uplifting call to listeners to jump back into life – embracing all its love and what it has to offer.” The 12-track album is opened by the impossibly cool single Right Now and its accompanying video. Funk influences run rich on a groovy bass and percussion spine that sets the stage for Chaplin’s lyrical twists and jazz inflections. The single is a perfect example of the artist’s ability to transform dark subject matters into a message of positivity. After watching his family suffer through hardships, and his closest relationships come under strain, Sam did what he always does – took to the piano. The resulting single Right Now’s preaches the importance of patience and waiting – a message has never been more relevant! The stylish video sees Chaplin sing directly to his audience with monochrome visuals on subdued verses before bursting to colour with his full band weaving a textually rich chorus that invites listeners to join in. Audiences may be familiar with Chaplin from his runaway web success parody series that swaps lyrics of classic songs with lockdown inspired words (see: Come On Eileen’s Covid-19 Parody), that have quickly racked up over 1.27m views. Now the artist flexes his full creative muscles with his original single Sing It Out – inspired by his work with the people affected by homelessness. For the past 9 years, Sam Chaplin has been working as choir director with The Choir With No Name – a choir for people affected by homeless. His passion for choir-leading has led him to work with choirs for Maggie’s Centres for those suffering with cancer, Grenfell locals in the year following the tragedy, a choir for women whose children have been taken into care, workshops in prisons and projects with children with autism. Right Now releases ahead of his album Back Into Life which audiences can enjoy listening to on November 7th.

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