New Music: Stemin – Better Than Wine

New Music Stemin - Better Than Wine

Soulful RnB artist STEMIN returns with a funk-infused new single ‘Better Than Wine’.‘Better Than Wine’ is arguably STEMIN’s most instantly impressive single to date, offering a sense of universal appeal as well as a truly intoxicating emotive quality. Built on an undeniably funky musical baseline that is studded with vibrant pop influences and STEMIN’s sensual vocals, it’s a perfect encapsulation of his bold, beautiful style. – Broken 8 Records.

Of the new track’s inspiration, STEMIN explained, “Love and wine have a lot of things in common,
and as legend says, love and wine are one of the best things in life: they taste sweet, sour,
bittersweet, sometimes with an aftertaste, sometimes they have a healing effect, sometimes
they can be harmful, but, overall they go along our lives throughout the different seasons.”

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